Some works in progress.

I do not usually post works in progress, but these two are. I am not sure where they are going and I like it! I always enjoy a good adventure.  I am taking my time and slowing down my application. It has been difficult to let them sit.  There is something about the searching and the uncertainty that is challenging in a different way.

Self Portrait 2

Self Portrait. Oil on Panel. 12″ x 12″.


Self Portrait. Oil on Panel. 9″x12″.


One response to “Some works in progress.

  1. Aaron and Fox,

    Thank you for your presentation tonight at Glen Echo Park. I have to tell you that you (Fox) cover more ground in 90 minutes than an entire semester of color theory at the Corcoran. It was sometimes too much for my little pea brain to absorb, but I definitely benefitted in gaining some good knowledge and finding a few new paths that I can explore to help me get another step closer to fulfilling my “inner artist” gestalt. Thank you.

    I checked out your website Aaron. You’re a good writer as well as a talent with a brush. Your approach is very direct, very honest, and very appealing visually — the images seem familiar, casual, relatable. Really good work. Damn! 🙂

    Make sure you two stay in touch.



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