Challenge : Metropolitan Rooftop Terrace

One of my hero’s is Antonio Lopez Garcia.  I have always admired his persistence and determination.  When I first heard that he was carrying those enormous paintings and all his gear out to paint from life I was I was humbled. When I found out that he would only paint if the weather conditions were exactly the same down to the time of day and season, even if this meant working on a painting for consecutive years,  I was blown away.  Just the thought of it is so inspiring.

So, I thought I would challenge myself. The good people at Reinhold Residential Project have allowed me on their roof terrace to do a series of paintings of Philadelphia. Let me tell you, it is no easy task to carry all junk up to the roof.  It takes two trips from the 9th floor at PAFA to the 23rd floor of the Metropolitan at 8:00am.  I lay out a drop cloth,  set out paints and supplies, and use a system of ropes, c-clamps and carabiners to anchor the panel so that it does not take flight. The weather so far has been temperamental to say the least, and winter is approaching fast. It is no wonder that it has taken Lopez 10 + years to finish some paintings, and my painting isn’t nearly as large as some of his!

Having said all that, it is wonderful to be above the city! The sunlight and open air couldn’t be more gratifying conditions to work in. It is an overwhelming feeling and an affirmation of how incredible life is.   I will to continue post as the painting progresses.


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