The Louis-Dreyfus Family Collection

originalEver wonder who has been buying your favorite contemporary paintings? Well, I think I figured it out! Some of you may already know about this AMAZING collection, until a few days ago I did not! I found this collection by following the bread crumbs and thought I would share it with you all.  The Louis-Dreyfus Family Collection is a collection of more than 3,500 paintings, sculptures and works on paper primarily from the contemporary period. Talk about good taste! His collection houses some of my favorite contemporary artists ranging from Lennart Anderson, Balthus, Gideon Bok, Avital Burg, Susanna Coffey, Honore Daumier, Eugene Delacroix, Rackstraw Downes, Alberto Giacometti, Arshile Gorky, David Hockney, Wassily Kandinsky, R.B. Kitaj, Kurt Knobelsdorf, Stanley Lewis, Sangram Majumdar, Henri Matisse, Jean-Francois Millet, Catherine Murphy, Alice Neel, Stephanie Pierce, Paul Emile Pissarro, Eleanor Ray, E.M. Saniga, Stuart Shils, Grant Wood, and on, and on! I would love to feast my eyes on this collection, but for now I will have to rely the website. I have been getting lost in the collection for days now.

The best part of this whole story is how the collection is being used. The collection is made up of works owned by the Louis-Dreyfus family and its foundation established with the intention of promoting public awareness of the works represented and to benefit specific educational purposes. Hopefully these works will assist the Harlem Children’s Zone in its educational mission. There is a wonderful movie about this called Generosity of Eye: Art transformed into Education here.